Challenges and Trends in Federated Learning for Well-being and Healthcare

Published in Procedia Computer Science, 2022

Recommended citation: Lelio Campanile, Stefano Marrone, Fiammetta Marulli, Laura Verde, "Challenges and Trends in Federated Learning for Well-being and Healthcare." Procedia Computer Science, 2022.

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Abstract: Currently, research in Artificial Intelligence, both in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, paves the way for promising innovations in several areas. In healthcare, especially, where large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data are transferred to support studies and early diagnosis and monitoring of any diseases, potential security and privacy issues cannot be underestimated. Federated learning is an approach where privacy issues related to sensitive data management can be significantly reduced, due to the possibility to train algorithms without exchanging data. The main idea behind this approach is that learning models can be trained in a distributed way, where multiple devices or servers with decentralized data samples can provide their contributions without having to exchange their local data. Recent studies provided evidence that prototypes trained by adopting Federated Learning strategies are able to achieve reliable performance, thus by generating robust models without sharing data and, consequently, limiting the impact on security and privacy. This work propose a literature overview of Federated Learning approaches and systems, focusing on its application for healthcare. The main challenges, implications, issues and potentials of this approach in the healthcare are outlined. © 2022 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.

Author Keywords: Collaborative Learning; Federated Learning; Healthcare and Well-being; Machine Learning

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