Toward a fuzzy-based approach for computational load offloading of IoT devices

Published in Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2020

Recommended citation: Lelio Campanile, Mauro Iacono, Fiammetta Marulli, Michele Mastroianni, Nicola Mazzocca, "Toward a fuzzy-based approach for computational load offloading of IoT devices." Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2020.

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Abstract: Technological development and market expansion offer an increased availability of resources and computing power on IoT nodes at affordable cost. The edge computing paradigm allows keeping locally on the edge of the network a part of computing, while keeping all advantages of the cloud and adding support for privacy, real-time and network resilience. This can be further improved in IoT applications by flexibly harvesting resources on IoT nodes, by moving part of the computing tasks related to data from the edge server to the nodes, raising the abstraction level of the data aspects of the architecture and potentially enabling larger IoT networks to be efficiently deployed and managed, in a stand-alone logic or as a component of edge architecture. Anyway, an efficient energy management mechanism is needed for battery powered IoT networks, the most flexible implementations, that dynamically balances task allocation and execution in order to In this paper we present a fuzzy logic based power management strategy for IoT subsystem that aims at maximizing the duration of the network by locally migrating part of the computing tasks between nodes. As our goal is to enable the deployment of semi-autonomic large IoT networks, our proposal does not rely on external resources for migration control and operates on a local basis to ensure scalability: at the best of our knowledge, this diferentiates our proposal with respect to similar solutions available in literature. © 2020, IICM. All rights reserved.

Author Keywords: Edge computing; Energy management; Fuzzy logic; IoT; IoT scalability; WSN

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